Free Cognitive Decline Alzheimer's Dinner
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Don't Suffer In Silence with Cognitive Decline 
(Dementia or Alzheimers) 
Join Harvard Speaker and Alzheimer's Author, Dr. Steve Wander, DC For Dinner At The Hilton Hotel For An Evening of Food, Fun and Life Changing Information
Discover The Latest Testing and Treatment Protocols That Can Reverse Your Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's.  Hint: There have been NO MEDS approved since 2003.

Seating is Limited
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Join Harvard Speaker and Alzheimer's Author
Dr. Stephen Wander, DC for a FREE Dinner and Seminar!
Seating is Limited
To Reserve and Get All of The Details
Call 301 770 5395
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Featured Speaker
Dr. Stephen Wander, DC
Author of "Finding A Wandering Mind"
As Seen On...
Type 2 Diabetes Reversal
Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's Treatment and Reversal
135 MILLION Americans Will Have Cognitive Decline by 2050!

What You'll Learn 
At The Dinner...
  • What treatments are available
  •  What testing should YOU have
Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's...
A Closer Look:
Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's is the fastest growing disease in the world! It's a shame, because there is a new protocol that is 92% effective. 
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